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Upcoming field hearings include London, UK, on June 13 and Washington, DC, on July 21. If you are interested in testifying as a witness in person, please email Stay tuned for more details.

Previous Field Hearings:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform the way Americans work, socialize, and other numerous facets of our lives. It is already having a major impact on certain industries ranging from healthcare to transportation and will ultimately affect businesses and workers in every sector of the economy.

To provide independent, bipartisan recommendations to aid policymakers, the Commission on Artificial Intelligence Competitiveness, Inclusion, and Innovation (“AI Commission”) will research and recommend artificial intelligence policies as it relates to regulation, international research and development competitiveness, and future jobs. The AI Commission will convene field hearings in key locations around the U.S. and internationally to explore these critical issues.

Watch the TecTalk Launch Discussion featuring AI Commission Co-Chairs Rep. John Delaney and Rep. Mike Ferguson.



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Request for Information on AI’s Impact on the Workforce

The Commission is seeking comments around the impact of AI on the workforce. This RFI will help inform the Commission’s work in developing strong bipartisan recommendations. Submit comments online or to by 5:00 PM ET on May 27, 2022. 

Request for Information on Fairness and Ethical Concerns Around AI and Global Competitiveness

The Commission is seeking comments around fairness and ethical concerns around AI and global competitiveness. This RFI will help inform the Commission’s work in developing strong bipartisan recommendations. Submit comments to

Request for Information on AI Definition

The Commission is seeking comments on questions pertaining to artificial intelligence definitions on a rolling basis. Comments should be submitted via email to

Polling Results on Artificial Intelligence

Recently, working closely with Teneo Research, C_TEC conducted a nationally proportional survey of 1,000 American adults to explore Americans’ understanding of AI and its potential benefits and impacts on society; the appetite for further regulation of AI across a wide range of use cases; the impact AI use has on company reputation; and the desire of Americans for the US to lead on the development of AI technology and ethics.

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