PROTOCOL: Big business is fuming about Biden’s tech agenda

It’s not just the Federal Trade Commission anymore: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest and most powerful business group in Washington, said it planned to push back on “the threat of government overreach” at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Justice Department and every other pillar of President Joe Biden’s tech agenda.

In the Chamber’s annual “State of American Business” speech on Tuesday, CEO Suzanne Clark, who had already been escalating her rhetoric against the FTC’s newly aggressive agenda, said the group would stop “bureaucrats and elected officials” who she cast as getting in the way of American enterprise.

“We will challenge overreach and defend the rule of law at every turn, in every agency, with every tool at our disposal — in Washington, in statehouses and in the courts,” Clark said, her first time giving the group’s yearly address. “What’s at stake is no less than the future of our free-market economy.”

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