Multi-Association Letter on Advancing the Safe Deployment of Automated Vehicles

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader McCarthy, Majority Leader Schumer, and Minority Leader McConnell: 

The undersigned represent a wide range of stakeholders committed to advancing the safe deployment of automated vehicles (AVs) in the United States. We urge Congress to prioritize legislative efforts to enable the numerous benefits of AV technology, including advancing transportation safety, environmental sustainability, increasing access to mobility for underserved communities, seniors, and people with disabilities, and improving the efficiency of freight movement and our logistics system. Specifically, we support a federal AV approach that fosters the safe deployment of AVs which can help shepherd a more safe, more secure, and more accessible transportation future, and ensures American global leadership in AVs. 

U.S. innovation in AV and mobility technologies is essential to maintaining U.S. competitiveness, supporting over 10 million Americans working in the vehicle and mobility ecosystem, and strengthening the foundation for a 21st century economy. Unfortunately, the federal regulatory environment in the U.S. has not kept pace with the significant technological advancements made by the private sector. Other jurisdictions, such as China and the European Union are rapidly moving ahead to lead this new industry, regulate AVs, and become the global center of AV development and deployment. 

Currently, there is significant uncertainty as to how the federal government will regulate AV technology in the near term, including through updates to motor vehicle safety standards. While we are pleased that the U.S. Department of Transportation is making some progress to identify regulatory barriers to the deployment of AVs in the U.S., such as NHTSA’s final rule on occupant protection, the undersigned strongly believe that Congress must take an active role in enabling the safe, widespread deployment of AVs and the continued leadership of the U.S. AV industry. 

As the AV industry transitions from research and development to deployment, we need Congress to enact a federal AV framework.  This will provide the certainty necessary to continue developing and scaling the technology here in the United States and help fully unlock the benefits provided by widespread AV deployment. Furthermore, we urge Congress to refrain from pursuing policies that would unnecessarily inhibit AV deployment and provide little benefit to consumers and the American public. 

We firmly believe that AVs will play a fundamental role in achieving the goals of improving the quality of life for all American people and communities and increasing the productivity and competitiveness of American workers and businesses. We look forward to working with Congress to pursue sensible policy solutions to safely advance AVs in the United States. 


Alliance for Automotive Innovation

American Trucking Association

Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association

Consumer Technology Association

Partnership for Transportation Innovation & Opportunity

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center

American Chemistry Council

American Property Casualty Insurance Association

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Automotive Services Association

Intelligent Transportation Society of America

Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

National Association of Manufacturers

National Federation of the Blind