Letter to Congress to Renew FCC Spectrum Auction Authority

To the Members of the United States Congress:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce urges Congress to act expeditiously to renew recently lapsed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spectrum auction authority.

Spectrum is essential to businesses of all sizes and sectors and their customers. Access to spectrum allows for the deployment of technologies that are integral to the lives of consumers and the ability of businesses to operate in an ever increasingly competitive environment. The Chamber supports an all of the above approach to spectrum policy, which includes licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum access models. Auction authority is one important tool to help ensure that spectrum can come to market to benefit consumers and businesses.

For 30 years, Congress has authorized the FCC to use spectrum auctions, and to date the FCC has held over 100 auctions. The lapse of the FCC’s auction authority creates substantial uncertainty for many market participants which is harmful to the American economy. 

We urge you to renew FCC’s auction authority.


Neil L. Bradley
Executive Vice President, Chief Policy Officer, and Head of Strategic Advocacy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce