Letter to Congress in Support of Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act

Dear Senators Vance, Welch, Rosen, and Cramer and Representatives Clarke and Fitzpatrick:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports the “Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act,” and we thank you for crafting this bipartisan legislation.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act established the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides a monthly voucher for lower-income Americans to purchase internet service. The program’s focus on internet affordability serves as a critical tool to help connect all Americans, empower full participation in the 21st century economy, and broaden access to critical services such as education, healthcare, and banking. 

To date, more than 22.5 million American households have enrolled in the program, particularly benefiting seniors, veterans, and rural and urban communities. However, the funding for the ACP expires this April, risking the ability for millions of Americans to remain online. This bipartisan legislation serves as a crucial bridge to maintain certainty for ACP recipients and internet providers while Congress works to establish a long-term authorization and appropriate sufficient funding for the program.

We support the legislation and urge the Senate to expeditiously consider and pass this important bill.


Neil L. Bradley
Executive Vice President, Chief Policy Officer, and Head of Strategic Advocacy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce