U.S. Chamber Statement on the President and FCC’s Plan to Expand 5G and Rural Broadband

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Neil Bradley, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement today in response to today’s White House announcement about 5G and rural broadband deployment.

“It is imperative that America win the global race to 5G and close the digital divide here at home. The actions announced by the administration and taken by the FCC will speed the private sector deployment of broadband and bring us closer to both goals.

“The Chamber is especially pleased that the administration and FCC are pursuing  additional spectrum auctions, technologically-neutral funding for private sector deployment of rural broadband, and regulatory relief for the citing of 5G infrastructure.

“America has much to gain through the rapid deployment of a secure, reliable 5G network. 5G has the ability to enable up to $12.3 trillion worth of goods and services in 2035 and, as a Chamber study recently noted, greater digital connectivity could grow revenue of rural business by $84.5 billion each year.”