ONETRUST: USA: AI development and regulatory initiatives

The world has quickly entered its fourth industrial revolution, in which the use of technology and artificial intelligence (‘AI’) is helping propel humanity to new heights. However, while we are witnessing the miracles of using AI daily, from its value in looking at what components will help provoke the necessary immune response within a COVID-19 vaccine to determining how the COVID-19 virus might mutate and change, many within society are not hearing the stories of how AI is saving lives. While the benefits are ample, the U.S. is currently sitting at a regulatory crossroads as many other countries look to develop and implement AI policies and regulations. Jordan Crenshaw and Michael Richards, from the Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Engagement Center (‘C_TEC’), provide an overview of current U.S. Government initiatives regarding the use and development of AI, as well as an insight into the future of AI in the U.S.