Letter to TN Senate on the Tennessee Information Protection Act

To the Members of the Tennessee Senate:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports SB 73 and its companion bill HB 1181, the “Tennessee Information Protection Act.” While the Chamber strongly supports enactment of a comprehensive national privacy law that protects all Americans equally, we recognize that SB 73 balances providing strong protections for Tennesseans, appropriately considers the needs of small businesses, and promotes technological innovation.

We applaud Senator Watson and Representative Garrett for their leadership and willingness to work with the Tennessee Chamber and all stakeholders to ensure that the bill harmonizes with privacy laws already enacted in other states and bolsters individual privacy. The bill would enable consumers the right to know how data is used, and have the right to data correction, deletion, and opt-out, while the bill would also uniquely encourage collaborative compliance through its affirmative defense mechanism, as well as prevent abusive litigation.

We stand ready to work with you to protect the privacy of Tennesseans and of all Americans.


Jordan Crenshaw
Vice President
Chamber Technology Engagement Center
U.S. Chamber of Commerce