CCPA comment letter

Ms. Lisa B. KimPrivacy Regulations CoordinatorCalifornia Office of the Attorney General300 South Spring Street, First FloorLos Angeles, California 90013 RE: Second Set of Modifications to Text of Proposed Regulations… Read More

Data: A Force for Good

Many Americans, if asked how data impacts them personally, would likely point to the convenience of social media, email, and online sales. But the societal benefits of data are manifold—and… Read More

California Privacy Letter

Californians deserve to have their privacy protected in ways that are both strong and responsibly implemented. In this letter, organizations representing every sector of the American economy strongly urge California… Read More

COPPA Rule Review

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce respectfully submits these comments to the Federal Trade Commission in response to its request for comment in connection with its Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act… Read More

TecNation: Chicago

TechNation will engage the public about the positive personal aspects of data collection, how it is transforming people’s lives, and how they are empowered to use data to make life… Read More

We Need Federal Data Privacy Legislation

Americans today enjoy more purchasing options, higher-quality products, and lower out-of-pocket costs than ever before. Our consumer-friendly marketplace has helped drive the last several years of economic growth, while improving… Read More

The Public’s View on Technology and Data

C_TEC periodically conducts public opinion research to gauge consumer attitudes towards technology and data. In January, C_TEC held focus groups in Jackson, MS; Washington, DC; and Seattle, WA that informed… Read More


Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for a summit for all things related to data privacy. A day of programming will feature discussions on the policy issues surrounding consumer data… Read More

TecNation: Seattle

Join C_TEC for a data-driven event focused on the transformative nature of technology and how it affects rural America. July 22, 2019 12:45 PM – 6:00 PM Pacific Time SURF… Read More

TecNation: Indianapolis

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TecNation: Columbus

Join C_TEC for a data driven event focused on the transformative nature of technology and how it affects rural America. July 16, 2019 12:45 PM – 6:00 PMEastern Time COSI… Read More